USB Memory Sticks

One of the indispensable products of our lives in recent years is USB flash memory. We have the opportunity to upload pictures, music, videos or the files we work on to these small products, which are easy to carry in our bags or pockets, and use them whenever we want.

We are lucky to find a lot of memory on the market. In this article, I will share with you some useful information about 16 GB memory.

How much memory does the 16GB memory you bought really have? To solve this, you can test using a free program called H2TestW. This simple program, which runs on Windows computers, loads files down to the smallest detail onto the USB memory it tests, and while doing this, it also tests the writing and reading speed, providing you with real detailed information.

You bought 16GB memory, but even though you installed the files, do the files appear corrupted when you plug them into another computer? In this case, we can say that you have UPGRADE memory. What does upgraded memory mean? You can make a 1GB flash memory display itself in the size you want by making changes to the system file. Many problematic flash memories we received turned out to be upgraded memories as a result of h2testw.

The actual capacity of memory sold as 2TB USB memory in the market does not exceed 16GB or 32GB. (year 2023)

If we continue our article about 16GB memories, write speeds are generally 5-6MB per second and read speeds are 19-20MB/s.

Let’s come to the capacities of 16GB memory; It is also worth knowing that you cannot transfer a full 16GB file to a 16GB flash memory. Chip manufacturers produce a lot between 14GB and 15.9GB. As capacity increases, the price of memory also increases. Since countries like ours that are looking for cheap products try to solve the price competition by reducing the capacity considerably, manufacturers also offer many price and capacity options. Sometimes, when the stocks in the “chip exchange” in China decrease, production can be made with chips available in the market during manufacturing. It is almost impossible to maintain a constant quality in this regard.

What does Quality A Chip mean?
You have purchased a memory and if this memory works without any problems, if its capacity is shown correctly when tested with h2testw (If an upgrade chip is used, h2testw shows a red error page and real capacity information), if its writing and reading speeds comply with the standards, then this chip is called A CLASS Chip.


If you want to download the H2TestW Program: