USB Flash Drive Problem in iPhones

USB Flash Drive Problem in iPhones In Android phones, connecting a USB flash drive allows easy photo and file sharing via the “file manager” program. This is facilitated by the use of open-source code, enabling easy connections and file exchange. The operating system used in iPhone phones is the iOS system, which employs the programming […]

What is the Difference Between 304 Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel?

The globally accepted steel standard for Stainless Steel products is 304 Steel quality. In vacuum flasks, 304 stainless steel quality is generally used. The high levels of chromium and nickel found in both 304 and 316 stainless steels give them strong resistance to heat, wear, and corrosion. They are known not only for their resistance […]

The problem of USB flash drives not being recognised by some automobiles and its solution

USB flash drives are formatted during production with one of the USB format standards. These include Fat 16, Fat32, Exfat, and NTFS formats. In recent years, some of the issues encountered include: – My new car didn’t play mp3 files from the USB flash drive, but it worked in another car. – Files that work […]

For how long do vacuum flasks keep warm or cold?

Vacuum flask users commonly ask the classic question:“How many hours does it keep warm?” or“How many hours does it keep cold?” Vacuum flasks are manufactured using double-layered steel and the air between these layers is vacuumed out to increase insulation. The thickness of the steel used, the type of steel, and even the size of […]

The Problem of Slow Charging of Power Banks

With the developing technology, developments in the technology of mobile chargers continue. We started to hear terms we had never heard before. Terms such as PD charging, and QC charging are noted on the chargers used. The most crucial problem experienced by those who purchase fast-charging power bank models is that the power bank charged […]

What is PD Charging?

What is Power Delivery (PD for short), which we have been hearing frequently in the USB charging system lately? What Are PD Chargers and How Do They Work? PD is just one of many device charging standards that offer faster charging speeds, but it is becoming a universal standard with more chargers and devices supporting […]