Baylar Quality in Vacuum Flasks

Metal thermoses or coffee mugs are among the favorite products for those who love coffee, tea, and herbal tea. It’s common to see coffee enthusiasts carrying vacuum flasks or mugs around. Flasks, with their colourful options, are offered for sale to suit every taste. At Baylar Promotion, we are happy to provide products suitable for […]

Balabanli Poet Ömer Hulusi Baylar’s Book

Our Company’s General Manager Ali Baylar’s latest book “Balabanli Poet Ömer Hulusi Baylar – His Poems and Family” has been published by Çeviribilim Publications. Ömer Hulusi Baylar (1880-1945) spent 17 years of his life as a soldier on the Yemen and Balkan fronts, and later as a street vendor. He reflected his feelings and longing […]